The Mother. My Mother.


The person who has most influenced my life would be my Mother, Mrs. Tonbara Asake Ogunmodede.

She laid the foundations for the person that I am today with her unequivocal generosity and kindness coupled with her ‘hard-headedness’ and her strength of character.

She’s helped me make wise decisions, stick to my principles, be emotionally strong, keep relationships and simply be happy.

I derive most of my character traits from her and I must say that I consider myself lucky for that.

She still is a great example that I try to follow everyday even as I establish my own path in life.

She has been a great mom, friend, colleague, supporter and even a decent ‘wingman’.

Plus, she’s a great cook, and now, I like to think I am too!

I’d never want another mother, ever.

To the best mother!


3 thoughts on “The Mother. My Mother.

  1. What an inspiration…what more can one ask for if not a reason to life, to love, to laugh and to be better each passing day. And am glad you’ve got that. God bless and keep her for you.
    Nice one.👍

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