Pride and our Mistakes…

The things in our lives that pride gets in the way of.
Foolish pride that we loathe to get rid of.

The mistakes we refuse to admit.
The forgiveness we painfully omit.

We forgive, but do we? We relive the pain endlessly.
Punishing our hearts excessively.

We trust not anymore, for we have been scarred
The scabs remind us of our lapse in judgement.

Maybe, that misstep was meant to be we never think.
Maybe that mistake was best for me, we never believe.

We learn everyday, with every step.
There are no highs if we haven’t walked up from our lows.
There is no joy if we haven’t tasted hurt and pain.

Get a move up on your life!

Forgive, forget.
Accept, Learn.

Make a mistake and be proud of the lesson you learnt.
Chuck pride away, embrace failure.
Build on it. Move from it.

Be great. At being great.

The End.
PS. that was a rant, NOT a poem.

Rant over.


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