How can I learn to design more visually appealing apps?

Answer by Tomiwa Ogunmodede:

I usually say design can't be learnt, but you sound like you already know that. However, quoting the great Pablo Picasso, who said "Good artists copy, great artists steal"; you can 'steal' your way to expert design prowess.

Now, that doesn't mean you should outright go and steal other peoples work, what you need to do is to find designs that appeal to your sense of aesthetic and COPY them.

And by copy, I mean, try to redesign them yourself.
I've learnt from experience that here are actually no exact copies in design. Every one adds their own unique signature to whatever it is they do, inadvertently or otherwise.

Very importantly, you need to understand that great design is really not about fonts, layouts or colours. Great design is about inspiration.
If you fully understand what you're designing, who you're designing for and the effect you hope that your design can impress on the viewer/user, the outcome tends to flow naturally.

Eventually, if you keep at it you'll notice that your need to 'steal' from other design sources will diminish and your expertise in design will uber-increase.
You'll also begin to be confident in your abilities enough to conceptualize new designs all by yourself.

In no time, you'll be churning out Picasso-level designs (I kid).

Sign up to Behance, Photoshop tutorials and resources and Abduzeedo Design Inspiration. 'Steal' your heart out!

Whenever you feel like it, don't thank me. Thank the miracle called The Internet.

How can I learn to design more visually appealing apps?


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