What is the best thing you have ever heard a teacher say?

What is the best thing you have ever heard a teacher say? by James MacKinnon

Answer by James MacKinnon:

You know that one kid that doesn’t give a flying FUCK about his education? I have one in my class right now and his name is Andrew. Now I go to an all boys school and of course since there are no girls around we were acting like complete idiots. One day an essay was due for history the next day. So Andrew decided to provoke the teacher by asking for an extension. Of course he did’t word it like that. This is the conversation that they had in the middle of class. It reminded me of that scene in Top Gun when Tom Cruise is talking in class.

Teacher “Remember guys the essay on the Mongols is due tomorrow so get on it.”

Andrew “What if I have a hot date?” (Chuckles to his buddies)

Teacher “Use your other hand” (turns around to the board)

I SWEAR TO GOD THE ENTIRE CLASS FLIPPED ITS SHIT. No one would expect a teacher to make a masturbation joke in class. So while the entire class was rioting Andrew’s face was beet red. It took the entire period to calm down. People were yelling and screaming like maniacs.

Andrew you just got fucking owned!

Holy shit Andrew you got Roasted!

Someone contact a burn ward!

Damn Andrew!

Mr. Burns you are savage!”

Even the English class next to us came over to find out the fucking riot that was going on. Andrew has never talked back to any teacher ever since. I have a newfound respect for my history teacher.

(Names changed for the purpose of privacy)

Oh my Lord people thank you for one of my most viewed answer yet!-James

What is the best thing you have ever heard a teacher say?


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